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  • Photo du rédacteurRamia Beladel

Waiting for Godot#the watchman booth, 2015

  1. Backroung of the project:

The steps of the installation Waiting for Godot is angoing project between photography, installation and performance.For this year I presented the installation twice.Waiting for Godot project is about the stagnation, during our difficult time where the crisis of fundamentals is too big to be handled, a chair comes instead the humain Being, capturing his daily activities.Statutes of ordinary people but overwhelmed by expectations.These activities associated with a chair became impossible to achieve, they will be accomplished as an unfinished commitment.

The project has started with these 4 photographs

The photographs has a common point which is the wall that plays the role of the wailing wall for the character “chair” during his Lamentations about the ruins of his life caused by the waiting and the inability to achieve the “elected movement “.

  1. The installation:

The installation comes as a development of the project, waiting for Godot has always to seek other supports in order to contradict the stagnation, within the installation I aimed to capture a social condition which is the ‘Watchmen’ s condition.Inspired by our daily life, the watchman’ s booth seemed to me the perfect metaphor of what the waiting and the incapacity can cause to us.In his small booth the watchman witnesses the time running and occupying a big space when the physical space where he is working stays unchanged.

The first presentation of the installation project during “La fête des installations” in Casablanca (Mo)

The second presentation during Youmein Festival in Tangier (Mo)

  1. The steps of the installation:

Inside the booth was projected a video compilation of the 4 photographs and text written by Hatim Essadek (young writer).

Le cri des espoirs text by Hatim Essadek

Dans l’attente de la seule frontière contempteur du réelcomptant les heures éloigné d’elleje reste hagardinondé de lumière aux couleurs amèresDans un mouvement sans dénouementje me délivre de mon état, j’erreà la recherche de cieux plus clémentJe me rêve, veille de l’inconscientadorant mes leurresvoulant être des leursma foi pour seule loije reste persuadé que ma voix fera poids

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