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  • Photo du rédacteurRamia Beladel


The poster of the first edition of Caravane de Tighmert held on july 2015

Outside is a workshop held in Tighmert an oasis in the South of Morocco, with Qafila Tighmert a women cooperative working The local artisanat.The purpose of this atelier is to help women to find their own motifs starting for a picking a session.

After the picking, comes the selection part.

Outside#LAZIZA, 2015                                                   olive leaves and bougainvillea flowers 100 x 60 cm

Outside#JAMILA,2015                                                                   quince leaves 75 x 75 cm

Outside#LEHABIBA,2015                                                             olive leaves and quince leaves 175 x 90 cm

Outside#ZAINA,2015                                                             palmtree branches and bougainvillea flowers 100 x 60 cm

Outside#IZZA, 2015                                                                     bougainvillea flowers 100 x 100 cm

Outside#HALIMA, 2015                                                              olive leaves and bougainvillea flowers 175 x 175 cm

The poster for the second edition of Caravane Tighmert festival on july 2016

Outside#LAZIZA, 2015                                                  After one year 2016

Outside#JAMILA, 2015                                                  After one year 2016

Outside#LEHABIBA, 2015                                                After one year 2016

Outside#ZAINA, 2015                                                   After one year 2016

Outside#IZZA, 2015                                                         After one year 2016

Outside#HALIMA, 2015                                                      After one year 2016

OUTSIDE#HALIMA, 2018 ink on paper

OOUTSIDE#IZZA, 2018  ink on paper

OUTSIDE#LEHBIBA, 2018 ink on paper 

OUTSIDE#LAZIZA, 2018 ink on paper

OUTSIDE#ZAINA, 2018 ink on paper

Layering with fabric Habiba motif, 2019

Habiba motif, 2019 fabric/glue

Outside#Jamila,2020 Fabric on glass 116x61cm

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